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Most Popular Erotic Stories is a category under which fall all these sexy stories that are capable of making you cum in your pants. Have you ever got aroused when you were reading a story or a book? Sometimes a written sex story has the power to arouse you so much more than images. Sex stories are an ancient tradition and, originally, the main themes were prostitution, orgies, gay stories and many different fetishes. These stories can be fictional or taken from real life. Which ones do you prefer? We have ensured to include both!

Do you know how successful Fifty Shades of Gray has been? You certainly do. It was just a story originally, long before the first movie came out. This should tell you how powerful erotic stories can be, even these days!

We have listed here those sites that are free to use, but nevertheless have great quality erotic stories. But what are the topics of these stories, you may ask. You can search a specific subject by entering a keyword in the search bar, otherwise you can have access to all sort of themes, from a horny husband cheating on his wife with the housewife next door, sexy stories of dirty international exchanges, first timers telling you all about their experience, swinger parties, wild orgies told from the very beginning and with every graphic detail, journeys to the Far East that turn into a whore-tour, happy ending massages, the weirdest threesomes you could ever imagine and so much more.

If, for example, we examine the first ranked site in our compilation, ASexStories, you will have here the possibility to read the stories for free. Each one comes with the star ratings, the reviews, and a theme tag. From the title and from the first line of the story, which is displayed, you’ll be able to tell whether you want to venture in that one or maybe skip to the next story. On this site’s right side, you’ll have the search bar to enter the keywords of your kink and, right underneath, you’ll see all the different erotic stories’ categories. On ASexStories you’ll have Indian stories, ghost stories (I’m really curious to read one of those), bdsm, spanking, love stories, cuckold, wedgie, female masturbation, Xmas stories and many many more. If you need to wear glasses, I recommend you do that because your eyes will hurt after having devoured too many of these stories, and you most certainly will!

On a site like APornStories you will have access to erotic fiction, sexy poetry, sex advice, adult tales and much more. You can even submit your own story! Wouldn’t you like the idea of that many people jerking off reading your story?! Imaging all those chicks flicking their beans while reading your own words! What I loved the most about this site, though, is the sex advice section. It’s absolutely brilliant. You can read the stories of people in need of sex advices and the answer that is given to them.

On a website like Stories On Line, instead, you’ll get the chance to get an overview of the whole site without having to register upfront. There are a lot of sexy stories, author blogs, feeds, forums, contests and reviews. This is really a portal for passionate readers of these kind of stories. You can sort the content alphabetically, by author, by category or you can also avail of the advanced search tools. There are more than 40,000 stories available for you to read and you can even submit your own story here too!

Head over to SexPornList and try the amazing sites we have listed for your convenience and don’t forget to bookmark us for future reference. Have fun.

1. SexStories

Top erotic stories website for its free sex plots that will literally blow your mind. Here you can read good pieces of erotica, divided into different genres and written by inspired users.

2. APornStories

Among the best erotic stories sites these days, this portal doesn't fail to deliver super hot porno stories for free. Read about raunchy plots, you can find all the main adult genres and niches.

3. Asstr

One of the most popular erotic story sites, get inside and get horny reading these fine alternative sex plots that don't cost a dime. This is a user-supported portal that shares great erotic texts and audios.

4. StoriesOnline

Safe xxx stories website offering a wide range of free sex stories. Read plenty of different erotic plots, from romance to BDSM and all the kinky subcategories that come to mind. Entertainment is free in here!