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Most Popular Adult Games is a porn category for real nerds like you. Just kidding. If you love playing video games, then there is a high chance you also love watching porn, so why not combining together the two activities and start playing adult games? And why not adding some hot VR (virtual reality) as well? Adult games are for those who enjoy visual stories, fantasy MMO (massive multiplayer online) and MORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game), the old Nintendo, Japanese role-playing games and all that sort of stuff.

So, how are you going to find out about the most popular adult games that are available online? You are going to need some help from the SexPornList. Luckily for you, we did some research in the field and we have compared and rated the most popular and prime quality adult porn games until we have put together a very useful list. A very juicy one, so that you don’t have to struggle and to get lost in the jungle of online adult games.

What you can do on these sites will be (granted you are over 18) downloading or playing online sex games in your browser, on your tablet or on your smartphone. Please bear in mind that these are not the kind of games that you can cozily play from work! They feature explicit content that are totally not safe in a work environment (it’s not like playing solitaire, so to speak), unless your boss is a pervert like you and he doesn’t mind it or unless you work in an sexy shop, then it’s probably not the best move you could do.

What do you think of hentai and 3D porn games? Our list has it all. Some sex tags you are going to see on these sites are: anal, rpg, pokemon, blowjob, Jessica Rabbit, dungeon, Sakura, Naruto, pool, xmas payrise and 3dfuckhouse. You can play games that have Homer Simpson as a protagonist in which he has sex with other Simpsons’ characters, how awesome is that? Why don’t you also try playing the Raging Green Destroyer? It’s a big green hulk who loves to destroy some pussies. On another site, Gamcore, you can finally see your dream of going camping outdoors with your best mate and 3 hot girls fulfilled. In the game, you can use all the available tricks to have sex with them. Outdoor group sex at its best and you are the protagonist. Another game, RPG game to be precise, features lots of hot sexual content such as turn-by-turn based combat and much more. I particularly enjoyed City Hunters, a game with the adventures of a hot heroine who travels on a space ship and enter galaxies just to get laid with several characters in tons of sexy scenes. You can peruse the instructions to get information about the different places and the tasks you have. You can always avail of the game tutorial to see all options. Another great game you can play on this portal is featuring Lara Croft. She got lost in the rain forest. You have a crash on her and you have been chasing her for a few days. You have the possibility to have an helicopter rescuing you through some password that you’ll have to provide and, if Lara wishes to be rescued with you, she’ll have to please you first, in any way you want her to.

What about furry porn games with my little pony (MLP)? Whatever your bizarre kink or favorite genre is, don’t be afraid to try it out on these sites. We know what high-quality porn games to recommend but we are also always open to suggestions. Horny gamers will find some very useful info on the SexPornList and we also regularly update our compilations and rankings. Bookmark the SexPornList to stay tuned at all times!

1. Gamcore

Among the top 5 adult game sites for its exciting sex games, erotic entertainment and 3D videos that you can play for free online. Have fun with the best hentai and porn comics and cum back for more!

2. SexEmulator

Among the top xxx games sites that boast a massive selection of amazing porn games and hentai, for a nerdy kind of adult entertainment.

3. 69Games

Big and popular adult games website, step in and start playing the hottest adult games for free. Here you can find plenty of hentai and porn toons and play lots of different interactive games, even the fetish ones!

4. HentaiHeroes

Among the safest adult game sites that's well-known of its big collection of top hentai games. Get inside and start playing the most arousing anime games right away, you won't regret it!